New Toys!!

As you have noticed in the video and photos, we have been enjoying the sport of snowshoeing tremendously.  It’s a great winter sport and the new snowshoe designs don’t leave your hips aching. So this afternoon, we are heading into Edwards to purchase some Atlas Snowshoes at Ptarmigan Sports (we’ve been renting).  We’ll store our snowshoes out here in Colorado for the time we’re in the desert.  We plan on coming back through Colorado around the week of Memorial Day and, if we have the room, we may pick them up then and take them with us this summer into the higher elevations in Canada and Alaska.

Andrew has been working his tail off trying to get our website running and working on writing some code on his geo-blogging project.  In the meantime, he has finally had some time to update his Technical blog page, listing, among other things, what software and equipment we’ve been using.  Check it out here.

We’re still working on a few more things as we head into the desert by the first of next week.

Still to Come

  • Geoblogging
  • We’ll be working on our itinerary soon.  We hope to have it posted to the main blog in a few days.  This will be a work in progress and definitely subject to change.
  • We’ll also have a podcast where we’ll give a tour of our rig.
  • We’ve had some positive feedback on the videos, so expect more!
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