27 Dec 2005 Tuesday

Grandma Rose took us to lunch at a very cute, very kosher deli called “Ben’s“.  Ben’s had great (very kosher) food and lots of cute Jewish jokes and sayings on the walls. 

“What business is a Yentil in?  Yours!” 

“For five thousand years we wandered, then we found Boca Raton” 

“Moses lead us through the desert to the only part of the Middle East without oil” 

“Eat, Eat, you need your strength to worry”.  (Non-Jews may not get most of these jokes)

Andrew and I look Grandma Rose Morikami Japanese Gardens in Coconut Grove.  We had a great time wandering around in the beautiful gardens.  Grandma Rose is very sweet and tried to feed us constantly, 3 meals, snacks, nuts, brownies, grapes.  We were stuffed!  Oy Vey!

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