22-25 Dec 2005 Thursday

Driving down I-75 we passed “FEMAville” near Punta Gorda, FL. These are people living in rows and rows of mobile homes, “temporary housing” since Hurricane Charley hit the area hard in August of 2004.  The hurricane was a small Category two and was expected to continue north to hit the Tampa area, but at the last minute, strengthened to a Category four (possibly Category five) and moved inland, with a direct hit on Sanibel and Captiva Islands and Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte and Ft Myers area beyond.  One island, North Captiva, was ripped in half, the hurricane cutting a new channel across it. 

Our next stop was Dianne’s house in Ft Myers, FL.  We loved seeing our dog Simon again.  It was funny to see his reaction when we first walked through the door.  He couldn’t believe his nose!  It was Mommy and Daddy!!  Dianne said he’s getting along great with the other dogs and we caught him playing with Chipper and Lexie several times.  On Christmas Day the feasting began.  We started off with a small lunch with my brother Buddy, his wife Debbie, their son Jonathan and Dianne.  I tried to call my sister Anne, but was only able to leave a message.  We then went over to my sister Gay’s house to continue feasting with her and her husband Dave and my nieces Cathy and Melissa and their families.  The babies Jared and Mikey and just a few months shy of three years old and into everything.  After another wonderful meal, we went out to the cemetery to visit the graves of my mom, dad and grandmother who have all passed away in the last couple of years.  I found a couple of angle ornaments that I left on the graves.

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