Well, we are officially “homeless”. We moved all our things out of the house last weekend and Wednesday we went through the closing on our house. We celebrated our homelessness by going to a wine tasting. We’re now staying in the basement of Andrew’s parent’s house here in Atlanta for the next few weeks. It’s kinda embarrassing, and not very glamorous, but the price is right, it is temporary, and it beats the extended stay hotels where all the drug deals go down.

Andrew gives his notice of resignation at his company tomorrow, Friday Nov 17th. He’ll give a four week notice and Mid-December, we’re on the road!!!

Thanks to all the people who helped us pack an enormous (12’ high, 26’ long) U-haul truck in Atlanta; Jim Owens, Ethan Zweigel, Shannon Price, Matt & Grace Garland, and Todd Koransky. And a great big “THANKS” to Anita and Phil Castle who are storing our stuff in the attic of their beautiful 1890 Victoria home in Birmingham. A special “thanks” to Matt & Grace who followed us to all the way to Birmingham and helped us unload it up the narrow stairs into the attic. And, of course, a “thank you” goes to Jack and Ellen Koransky for supporting our adventure and allowing us to be underfoot for a month. This has been a very stressful time, and we are so fortunate to have wonderful friends and family. We couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help.

A caution to all those people who pulled out in front of me while I was driving the ENORMOUS truck…rental trucks are usually no-frill trucks driven by amateurs!! Think about that when you cut them off in traffic!

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