Simon in Florida

Simon is finally starting to settle in at Dianne’s in Florida. But unfortunately, there was a bit of bloodshed in the process. Dianne has two dogs, Chipper and Lexi, both larger than Simon. Chipper is a go-lucky, happy male golden who could care less about being the alpha dog in the pack. Lexi, on the other hand, is a female golden and she is quite determined to be the alpha. Unfortunately, so is Simon. Simon is younger, faster, and has significant “street fighting” experience (he was abandoned when he was about a year old).

Anyhow, Teresa and Dianne left Lexi and Simon alone in the house a few times, and apparently, they had it out. In the first “incident,” Lexi ended up had her face scratched up pretty good, and Simon had a little nick on his forehead. However, in the second incident, Simon tore a hole (only skin deep) in Lexi’s leg… enough to require some stitches.

Teresa was quite distraught at all of this, and I wasn’t too thrilled either. I was over at Gautam’s house while all of this was happening and I really appreciated Gautam and Donna’s support. It was tough.

I figured we had three choices: 1) keep Simon separate from Lexi while Dianne is gone, 2) find Simon another home, or 3) cancel our trip plans and take Simon back home. Some good news came in over the past two days though. Lexi appears to have chilled a little bit and is no longer challenging Simon. Also, Simon appears to prefer staying in a separate room while everyone is gone. So while Simon would prefer option #3, we are choosing option #1… this will allow all of us to reach our goals. There are good signs now that option #1 will succeed.

In other news, we had someone look at our house over last weekend… twice! And today, we have an offer on our house! It’s far lower than we really expected, but we plan to counter and see how that goes. We also have someone else looking at our house today. Maybe we can get them into a bidding war? Smile

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