Beds and Breakfasts

It’s been a little while since our last update. The house is indeed getting ready for sale. We’ve had it painted, fixed up our upstairs and kitchen, and now only have the downstairs to go. Teresa has made a few trips to take some boxes over to storage, do a little bit of painting, and we should be ready to put it on the market.

We took a little vacation June 18-28. It started off with some time in Florida for a B&B Seminar… on Amelia Island / Fernandina Beach, FL. The seminar was fascinating and really opened our eyes to what kind of day-to-day work is required for running a B&B. We also learned a good bit about how the lodging world works in general, and even how a “public” business like a B&B can be made to be successful. It was a great seminar that I would recommend to anyone who is considering opening a bed and breakfast. At the very end of the class, I thought that we could definitely make a go at running a bed and breakfast. But along the drive home, Teresa and I had a pretty long discussion and decided that the main reasons we were considering a B&B (more time with each other, less stress, etc..) were not part of the reality of running a B&B. We have not, however, ruled out a small supplemental B&B business or “home stay” (which is similar to the European B&B, renting out a room for a night or two every now and then).

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After the seminar we headed back to Atlanta and flew out to Colorado to hang out in Edwards for a few days, where my parents bought a house. A much needed break from all the housework for Teresa and work-work for me.

On a side note, I have released OpenGPS.NET, destined to be a part of my web-blog project.

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