30 Dec 2006 Saturday

We had to decide whether to take I-70, thru Kansas and Eastern Colorado or I-40 thru Oklahoma and northern Texas. We checked the weather and there were thunderstorms and tornados south of us in Texas and a winter snow storm dumping snow on Denver again north of us. We thought we could slide thru along I-40 to Albuquerque and head north on I-25. Mother Nature had other plans for us. We got as far as Amarillo, TX and we stopped for the night. The highway signs announced that I-40 and I-25 were closed in New Mexico due to “Winter Weather Conditions”.

The next morning we awoke to a quarter inch of ice on EVERYTHING. The trees and grasses were beautiful, all shiny, but ice is impossible to get around on. I fell twice and bruised my ego (and my butt). We just stayed put and made the best of things for the day. We can get out tomorrow.

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