16 Nov 2006 Thursday

Andrew is the Best Man for the wedding of our friends Ken andLaura.  We had to pick up his tux this afternoon.  Andrew has been onthe phone with Ken and several of the guys going ot the Bachelor party and itseems Ken is not feeling well.  He’s had a cold and went to see a doctor toget something for it.  Andrew’s last words to me before he left for theBachelor party was, "Ken’s not feeling well, I’ll probably be home kind ofearly".  Famous last words.  I awoke at 1:30am and Andrew had notcome home yet.  I was worried.  I called the cell phone and Ifinally got him to answer.  "I’m fine, Honey, just go back tosleep".  Like that’s going to happen now!  He finally came homeabout 3am, but I couldn’t get back to sleep until maybe 5am.  

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