9 Nov 2006 Thursday

Ok, so my "Daily Diary" is not so Daily.  What really happensis that I have a small book that I write notes in the old fashioned way everyday or so, but I don’t get around to typing up my notes until some timelater.  While we were traveling, we didn’t have any service to upload fordays or even weeks at a time.  The entry is of what happened that day,but it doesn’t get posted for a while.  So the blog entries get postedperhaps a week or so at a time.  I don’t live for the blog, the blog livesfor me.

Our friend and fellow nomad ChrisDunphy came thru Colorado for a couple of days with his friend Cherie fromFlorida.  Their first night here Andrew took them up to our property tocamp in Chris’ T@B trailer.  Theystopped by our neighbor’s place and Lynn offered to let us cook dinnerthere.  I was finishing a painting at our trailer, got a call from Andrew andgrabbed our stuff for dinner and some beer and headed up the mountain to Lynn’s. Lynn’s wife Linda came in from Colorado Springs and the 6 of us had dinner anddrinks and chatted until almost midnight.  Poor Cherie was still on Easterntime, it was 2 am for her.

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