25 Sept 2006 Monday

We went into Denver and picked up our trailer. We check it out and it looked ok. We then had to spend $300.00 on tires to get the thing safely to our property. It was a long, slow drive. Once we got it set up on the lot across the street, we found a few more small leaks and a couple of electrical issues. We found a guy here near Cotopaxi and he fixed most of the bigger things. We still need a new water heater though. It works, but there is a very small crack that causes a leak when under pressure. More adventure.

Our excavator is scheduled to get to our driveway by about Friday the 13th Smile We can’t wait to get on our own land. So far, we’ve been working on getting the trailer ready to live in over the winter. Until we get on our land, we can’t get our phone, well or satellite connection for computer hooked up. We’re using the neighbor’s wireless connection now. We also have to set up a fence for Simon. The neighbor’s dog, about Simon’s size, got chewed up recently by either a coyote or a bigger dog.

We’ve met a few more of the neighbors. One is from Denmark. He works in Alaska much of the time but his wife is here year round. Nice folks. We’ve also heard about another neighbor that brews his own beer. We REALLY need to meet him!

We have an excavator, Pat, cutting a road and a flat spot to park the trailer on our property. This area has been getting much more rain than usual, some say it’s been the wettest summer in thirty years! The snow a few days ago was preceded by two days of rain. The ground is saturated and snow is still on the north face of our property, where the road is, even though we’ve had a couple of warm days. Pat has hit an unusual (for this area) patch of clay while cutting our road. We need to get a load or two of gravel in that section of road, but with all the moisture still on the land, we may not be able to get a truck in there. And it may not dry out until spring, it all depends on the weather. We may not be able to pull our trailer on our property until spring. Sad We have called a gravel guy and we will try to coordinate him with Pat to see what we can get done. We will also look into an RV park in the valley for a place to stay for a couple of months, if it comes to that. It’s still too soon to tell.

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