05 Sept 2006 Tuesday

We had breakfast and showered at the campground.  There was a historicMontana ranch nearby, but we decided not to stop there.  We really want toget down the road  towards Colorado.  We heard about a big fire inMontana and it was making the skies hazy and overcast.  

We entered Yellowstone National Parkand still drove quite a bit before seeing the entrance station.  We stoppedand photographed bison and elk along the drive in.  We found the area ofpaint pots and geysers and stopped to take a short walk.  The thermal areasare fragile and dangerous, so we have a boardwalk for our hike.  Wecontinued down to see Old Faithful.  We got there just in time to see iterupt.  We took a walk around the area full of geysers and other boilingpuddles.  Some of them had beautiful colors form the rock and mineraldeposits.  We also saw a few bison mamas with babies strolling around thegeysers.  We stayed on the boardwalk, they stayed off.  We stayedaround long enough to see Old Faithful erupt again, it’s current interval was 1hour and 20 minutes, plus-minus.  

We left Yellowstone vowing to make a return trip.  It’s not that farfrom our new Colorado location.  We found a National Forest campground for$5. per night just outside of the park boundary. 

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