30 Aug 2006 Wednesday

It’s raining today so we decided it would be a good day to spend at the library updating our website.  We found the small Municipal Library in a quaint old stone building.  We asked where we could set up our computers and the librarian led us to a table nearby.  They had computers available that they charged for, but we had our own.  Andrew left to get a haircut while I worked on an update.  Shortly after Andrew returned, we had been there little more than an hour, the librarian asked that we do our work elsewhere.  She said we were using electricity that they are charging others for.  We offered to make a donation to the library, but no, she just said we should go elsewhere.  We should just go elsewhere.  She wanted us to leave.  We had just been thrown out of a public library!  Surprise  We have spent all day at other libraries and never had any problems.  We can’t believe  we were just asked to leave!!  We went back to our B&B and continued our work.

By evening some folks from Australia checked into the room next to ours.  Brad and Julie had been traveling around the US and Canada for about 3 weeks and were catching a bus to Vancouver in the morning.  Really nice folks.  We chatted with them quite a while about their travels.  They had gone to Anchorage and also had bad weather.  

They left for a few minutes and we made our dinner in the small kitchen and chilled out for the night.  (Andrew actually WATCHED TV!!!)

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