28 Aug 2006 Monday

We headed into Jasper NationalPark.  We found theinformation center and tried to make some plans for the few days.  Theweather forecast is for rain Tuesday and Wednesday, but today is clear.  Wefound a B&B in the town of Jasper.  There are several B&B’s hereand they are regulated by the park.  We’ll camp tonight and we madereservations of Tuesday and Wednesday.  So we established where we werestaying the next couple of nights.  We found a hike that was 7.5 km, about5 miles, near a hot springs.  It was good to get out and hike again afterso many days driving in the truck.  We wanted to soak in the hot springspool, but it was getting late, so we just went back to Snaring Campground tomake dinner.  We’ll come back tomorrow morning and soak. 

We had dinner at the campground and just as we started cooking, two deershowed up and just stared at us for a minute.  They finally moved on. We were glad they weren’t’ t really begging, they were just passing thru,looking for opportunities.  

We were ready to turn in for the night and walked over to therestrooms.  We met some folks who were also traveling.  Trish, from Edmonton,met Ashland and John while traveling in Turkey about a year ago.  Ashlandand John have been traveling the world for 18 months now.  They had plannedfor a year, but just kept going.  We joined them back at their camp for awhile and chatted about traveling and where they’ve been.  They told us ofa bear encounter they had just a few nights ago.  They had camped at a pulloff with a dumpster and made diner there.  Late that night, a black beartried to get into their van.  They jumped up and drove away.  We’vebeen careful about not camping around dumpsters or a lot of trash.  And inbear country, we’ve been cooking at a different location from where we sleep. And I think we’ll keep doing that.

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