26 Aug 2006 Saturday

Cloudy sunshine this morning.  We left our camp and hit the road earlierthan we have been.  We saw more Stone Sheep standing on the side of the roadand several more caribou.  The caribou are more camera shy than thesheep.  

We drove several hundred miles to the town of Fort St. John.  We gotsome info on camping in Alberta.  We stopped for lunch at a place calledBoston Pizza.  A bit pricier than we expected, but good.  As we werefinishing up, the folks we spoke to on the trail the other day came in.  Wesaid Hi and then had to go.

As we were leaving town, we saw a black bear and two cubs that had justcrossed the road.  By the time we got the cameras out, they had dashed intothe woods.  

Northwestern Canada, the Yukon Territory, is a huge hunting andfishing destination, because of that, there are primitive campsitesEVERYWHERE!!   The only time we stayed at a provincial campground (runby the province, similar to a US state) was when we were on native tribal land(here, known as "FirstNation").  Tribal land is not public landlike BLM or National Forestlands.  Out of respect for the First Nations, westayed at a designated campground when traveling thru their land.  Mostof the time we camped at a well used pull off.  And we never leave a trace.

This was a long driving day, much like the last couple of days.  Thereseems to be a lot of Canada in between Alaska and the "Lower 48"!  The townsare getting closer together now, only 50-100km (roughly 25-50 miles)apart.  We arrived in Dawson Creek, BC.  We found a campground withshowers on the edge of town for the night.  

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