17 Aug 2006 Thursday

We went into the communal kitchen this morning and said “GoodMorning” to the folks there.  No response.  The gruff older guysaid something to his son (we found out later it was his grandson), but neversaid Good Morning, Hello or anything.  He picked up the house phone and called Diann, the owner,and went into his room.  He came out a few minutes later and said shewanted to talk with us.  Diann told me to tell this guy about the greattime we had on the Lu-Lu Belle.  When I spoke with him, he said he hadtaken a glacier tour from another town and didn’t see the reason to takeanother.  Brrrr…. You could feel the icebergs there in theroom.  

Andrew and I rented the room for another night and stayed in and worked onthe computers for a while.  It’s still raining and we just didn’t want toget out in it again.  Later this afternoon, Diann came in with her husbandRon and we chatted for quite a while, sharing a beer with Ron.  Severalmore folks came in from their Alaskan adventures.  Diann and Ron had a fullhouse every night we were there.

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