15 Aug 2006 Tuesday

A cold and rainy morning.  We opted not to stand in the rain and try tomake breakfast.  We drove into the next small town, Glennallen (pop 88,according to The Milepost) to find aplace to eat.  

After lunch, we stopped at WorthingtonGlacier State Park.  This is a glacier near the road that you can walkright up to.  It’s the most surreal blue!  It seems the color bluegets more intense as air is forced out of the ice under pressure.  Thisglacier can move as much as 5 to 8 feet in a month!  They’ve done testingon this glacier by boring holes into it and inserting some type of camera. They’ve found that the bottom of the glacier moves at about 5 feet per monthwhile the top of it moves about 8 feet per month.

It’s still cold and rainy.  We continued on to Valdez(Val-DEEZ), AK to try to find aroom for the night.  We can handle the cold, but the gray, rainy weather isgetting us down.  We didn’t have a cell signal until just outside ofValdez, so we pulled over and made some phone calls.  We were getting nervouswhen many of the places we called had no vacancies!  There are lots ofB&B’s listed and we found The Blessing House had a room available.  We talkedwith Diann Ryan at the Blessing House and she has several properties, some sherents as B&B’s and some she rents as longer term apartments.  We had afull kitchen at our disposal so we made dinner at the house.  One ofthe couples downstairs has a kitchen and what they were cooking for dinnersmelled so much better than what we had.  They came up for  awhile tochat.  Frank and Danielle are from Stuttgart, Germany and the salmon theyhad for dinner Frank caught himself this afternoon! 

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