31 July 2006 Monday

MountOlympus, the highest peak in the park at 7,980 feet is covered inclouds.  Andrew said he didn’t see Mt Olympus on his last trip and isn’tsure it really exists.

We headed out to the coast for today’s hike starting at Rialto Beach. The coastline on the Olympic Peninsula is also part of the park.  It’s so rare to see beaches wild and untouched by commercial development. We hiked up the beach 2 1/2 miles or so to a point just beyond the "Hole inthe Rock" which is… a hole in a large rock wall.  Verycreative.  The beaches here are very different from the Florida beaches I’mused to.  They are rocky with black sand and rocks called cobbles. There are rocky islands off the coast that are called "seastacks".  These sea stacks are evidence of where the beach use tobe.  All else has eroded, leaving these rocky mounds far out to sea, ahaven for sea birds and seals.

We hiked back and drove to Port Angeles on the north side of the park. We got a site at the campground Heart O’ the Hills inside the park.

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