26 July 2006 Wednesday

A Good Morning with seagulls and salt air!  We uploaded photos and made a relaxing breakfast in the kitchen.  We checked out of our room and walked down Bay Street to check out all the little shops and restaurants.  We walked into a couple of glass shops and saw some beautiful glass as well as some brass sculptures by an artist Tim Cotterill known as “Frogman“.  We found a hole-in-the-wall type of fish shack and got a fish and chips lunch and a shrimp burger.  Both were really good.  

We left Newport and started the beautiful drive north up the coast.  We found a place to hang out overlooking the beach to continue some computer work.  Someone on the beach had several really large, beautiful kites flying in the strong Pacific breeze.  We stayed there finishing up a few computer tasks, working off our auxiliary battery and watching the people on the beach.  When it was time to go… our truck wouldn’t start!  Crap!  We had left our key on, listening to music and didn’t realize that our lights were on too.  We had drained our main battery!  We waited to try it again.  Still dead.  We got out our jumper cables and had enough juice left in our auxiliary battery that we could jump ourselves!  I love being self sufficient!  

We’re on the road again.  We started driving towards Portland and we received a call from Matt and Cindy, a couple we met in the campground at Zion National Park several months ago.  They live just north of Portland in Vancouver, WA and have invited us to visit while passing thru.  We met Matt, Cindy and their sweet doggie Loki at their house that Matt built himself.  Very cool!  We saw pictures of their recent travels on a European cruise.  They had quite a busy traveling schedule!  It made us rethink the possibility of our planned European travel.  We have removed Europe from our current itinerary, but we plan on taking three or four weeks after we begin working (and making money again) to travel Europe.

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