01 July 2006 Saturday

Andrew and I went across the street to have breakfast with Jay, Kim and Kim’shusband, Will.  Claudia was already at work.  Jay’s a great cook,making us his special breakfast burritos.  Andrew and I finished washingthe sheets and the last of our laundry and we hit the road.  

We drove to Colorado National Monument, outside GrandJunction, CO.  Wedrove thru on the Rim Rock Drive and saw some beautiful hoodoos and mesas in thecanyons.  We got to the campground and found a spot looking down on thetown of Fruita (froot-a).  A small rain cloud passed over and cooled thingsoff a bit, but not enough to slow down the gnats.  These gnats don’t seemto bite, but they are very annoying,  staying in front of your face andbuzzing your ears.

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