22 June 2006 Thursday

We got up this morning and went to check out the lot again.  We marked several things with the GPS; rocks, aspens, possible building site and the location of an old road.  We stopped and spoke with Lynn for a minute and went to see our realtor, Cathy, in Buena Vista, to make an offer on the property.

We got to Buena Vista, a few minutes away, and Cathy had all the forms ready for us on her computer.  It took a while to sign and initial all the copies going to the right locations.  I somehow took a wrong turn while driving back to Edwards.

On the way out, we went through Minturn on Hwy 24, thru Leadville and into Salida, a beautiful drive thru canyons with streams rushing with snowmelt. and views of majestic mountains.  On the drive back, I took a wrong turn in Leadville and ended up in Hwy 91.  This took us a little out of our way, but it also took us by the Climax Mine.  This is a huge strip mine that seems to be slowly leveling a mountain.  I hate strip mining and how it leaves horrible scars on the planet.  Driving past this scar, miles across, was not my idea of a “Scenic Drive” at all.  

We got back to the house in Edwards with time to pack for our trip to Chicago tomorrow.  Andrew’s grandmother, Rose, is turning 90 and the whole family is coming together.  While getting my shampoo out of the truck to fill my little bottle in my overnight bag, I realized that my extra bottle of hair conditioner had turned upside down and came opened, probably during altitude pressure changes.  Our wheel well is now very soft and manageable.  

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