21 June 2006 Wednesday

Cordillera offered a free fly-fishing class this morning, so Andrew and I went to check it out.  It was fun, but I think we’ll go with a guide a time or two before shelling out a thousand bucks on gear for a new sport.

After the class, we headed out for Spruce Basin again.  It’s only a three hour drive from Edwards and a very pretty drive at that.  Andrew talked with Lynn, the neighbor of the property and he’s willing to introduce us to the current owner, also a neighbor on the other side.  Lynn showed us around the lot and mentioned a few spots he felt would be a good building location.  We agreed, but we had a problem with a few trees on the neighboring property (neighbor Don, who is selling the property) that would cast a shadow on our solar panels.  There is no electricity up here and all the houses are on solar and/or wind power.  We checked out the land pretty well and then went next door to meet Don.  Don was a really nice guy who suggested we could put out solar panels on his property if we needed to or cut down a couple of trees, whatever we needed to work.  We chatted with him for quite a while and he showed up his solar panel setup.  

The sun began to set and it was getting chilly, so we walked back to Lynn’ s where we had parked the truck.  Andrew and I went to a nearby BLM site we had used before to camp.  Don said we could camp in the property, but we didn’t think there was a good flat spot for the truck.  

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