12 June 2006 Monday

We left this morning and headed for Fairplay/South Park, CO.  This little town was loosely used as a model for the cartoon South Park (we didn’t meet Eric Cartman).  We spoke to a realtor there and got another handful of MLS listings to check out.  We drove down dirt roads for the rest of the day, trying to find which lots are for sale.  When buying a house, you go to an address with a photo.  When looking to buy land, you’re given vague directions and trying to find iron pins in the ground.  There have been many times that we never found the lot for sale, but we didn’t like the area for one reason or another and just left.

We really liked the lot we found at Spruce Basin and set it as a benchmark for the others, “is this better than the one we’ve already found?”  We asked Cathy at the Buena Vista office if she could get us more info on the Spruce Basin lot.  She’s been really helpful.  We stopped back by Buena Vista and picked up the info she had for us and went off to find camping.  We went to the BLM land adjacent to Spruce Basin to camp for the night off Basin Drive.

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