23 May 2006 Tuesday

We took a morning hike near the house and headed into town for errands.  We had several lists- one of things to GET, one of things to DO, and a list of groceries (it’s going to be nice to have a freezer).  Dealing with list one took a good portions of the day, list two has yet to happen and list three expanded considerably while we were in the grocery store.  Smile [:)]  

One of our stops was to get chemicals to test and treat the hot tub.  Andrew wants to start checking the chemicals himself.  Nearby, we stopped for lunch at Ti Amo, a place that was recommended.  The food was much better than Tavolaccio, prices more reasonable and we didn’t have to deal with a snooty waiter.  While we were waiting for our lunch, I was working on a Sudoku (number puzzle) and the guy at the next table began talking with us.  He’s the owner of the Minturn Country Club, a restaurant without a golf course.  It was his add that had the Sudoku puzzle in it.  He told us a bit about his place.  they were having a $2.99 special this Thursday; $2.99 entrees, $2.99 salad bar, $2.99 appetizers.  We’ll have to check out this place on Thursday!

We got our errands done and “researched a few liquor stores and came back to the house exhausted.  

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