21 May 2006 Sunday

All four of us are heading out for a hike today.  On our way out, we saw the neighbors, Virgene and Larry Rasmussen, out walking.  Jack and Ellen invited them over for drinks later tonight.  We hiked in the White River National Forest, not far from the house.  This is a hike Andrew and I had done in the winter in snowshoes back in February.  It was the Stag Gulch trial in the Squaw Creek drainage, maybe 15 minutes from the house.   It’s a beautiful hike thru aspens, opening out onto alpine meadows, then leading back into aspens.  We only hiked about a quarter of a mile, straight up.  We didn’t want to hurt Ellen’s back with too much hiking.  

We had lunch in Vail and went shopping (at a gear store, of course!) and got ready for our evening with the neighbors.  They are one of the few families that live here full time (many are part-time residents) and they’ve been very helpful keeping an eye on the Koransky house here.  Andrew and I were glad we could get to know them better.  They came over with their daughter Morgan and son Stewart.  

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