18 May 2006 Thursday

5:30-6:00am, people started leaving the parking lot of the hostel.  It’s the desert and you have to start early to beat the heat.  Most people start at daybreak, rest in the hot afternoon and then go out again in the early evening.  Lots of doors slamming and cars starting.  And the dumpster slamming too!  We’ll find a different place to camp for tonight.

We met Jack and Ellen for breakfast and went looking for a new place to stay.  We found Slickrock Campground on the other side of town and chose a campsite over a cabin.  The four of us then went into Arches National Park and drove thru.  Ellen has hurt her back and can’t hike much, but we did do a few short walks.  We went by many of the overlooks and formations and took some photos.  We had lunch in the shade of some cottonwoods.  We came back to Moab, just a couple of miles form Arches. 

Andrew and I had to pick up our bikes (they were in for a tune-up) and we all had to rest and shower before dinner.  We had dinner reservations at Sorrel River Ranch and Resort.  It was about 20 minutes out of town on the Colorado River and the food and the views were great!  

We got back to camp and tried to relax before bed, but it was so hot.  Andrew was being quite pissy because the guys at the next camp came in right at 10pm- quiet hour.  He complained about it being hot, even with out fan going in the truck and wanted to move to a cabin with air conditioning (swamp cooler), but when he went up to the office, it was closed.  We’ll just tough it out tonight.

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