24 March 2006 Friday

We were kind of slow getting up this morning… until the gunfire began.  We got our stuff together and got out.  As we were leaving, we saw in the next campsite someone shooting at targets with an earth berm behind it.  Not a danger to anyone, but unnerving, just the same.  We treated ourselves to a breakfast out at Waffle House.  

We headed to a truck stop for a shower and passed Pima Air and Space MuseumTravel [ap]  Andrew was really excited about this, so after our shower we headed back and checked it out.  This place is pretty cool!  They have everything you can imagine about flight, form a full scale replica of the “Wright Flyer”, the first airplane by Orville and Wilber Wright, through many designs and models of flying machines that had marginal success, lots of actual planes and even some NASA planes that worked with the space shuttle.  They had a few Air Force One planes, one that was used by J. F. Kennedy and Johnson.  They also have a Harrier jet, an SR71, the fastest plane in the world, an F-14 Tomcat, B-52 Bombers and lots and lots more.  We kept saying (about our friend Phil Castle), “Phil would love this, Phil would love this”.  This place is a must see for anyone interested in aviation.  

We moved on to the west district of the Saguaro National Park and found a patch of BLM land in the Ironwood National Forest and set up camp for the night.  

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