09 March 2006 Thursday

Between the wind, the traffic and the train, I got very little sleep last night.  The wind brought in a cold front, this morning the temp was 26 degrees, but thankfully, the wind died down.  We made coffee and tea on the tailgate and headed into Marfa for internet access.  

It seems nothing in Marfa opens before 9am, so we went back to Alpine, 30 minutes away and had coffee at La Trattoria, an internet cafe.  We stayed there through lunch and uploaded some stuff to the web.  At lunch we overheard that there is a fire in Big Bend and they’ve closed parts of the park, the Basin, where we were backpacking just a few days ago.  

We went to the library to work on some photos and videos off line.  Andrew is editing a video for our Big Bend Adventures and I’m sorting through hundreds of photos, adding notes and editing.  We closed the library and stepped around the block to Edelweiss, a restaurant and brewery (purely for research, of course!)  They had 4 beers on tap and their “Brewster Brew” was pretty good (this is Brewster County).  We sampled and then went to find our camp spot for the night.  Texas has picnic areas with no facilities that you are allowed to camp at.  The last one we camped at was nice and quiet and not too far from Alpine, so we’re going down the road to find another one.  Just as we were getting into bed, a police car pulled in, flashed his brights on our truck, then turned and left.  Maybe they were just checking for abandoned cars…

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