22 Feb 2006 Wednesday

We slept pretty well last night, despite it being really cold.  Tongue Tied [:S] We had a water bottle in between our pillows in the truck to keep it from freezing, but when we took it out to brush our teeth, it quickly started to freeze.  Our thermometer said it was 15 degrees.  Andrew’s pocket PC that we’ve been using for navigating gave a warning notice that the battery was too cold! Even the computers knew it was too cold!  We decided to splurge and eat out for breakfast.  We started driving south on I-25 and we saw an old friend… Waffle House!!  We had to stop and get our dose of grits and grease.  Coffee [C] Yummmm…..

We stopped in West Pueblo, CO to ask about real estate (part of the trip is to find a place to relocate).  She suggested a few small towns in the area that might be affordable.  We checked out Beulah, CO, which is not much of a city, but it is at the base of the Front Range (foothills of the Rockies).  We drove through and went out along a gravel road through the San Isabel National Forest.  When we came out on pavement again, we stumbled upon Bishop’s Castle!   Surprise [:O] Bishop’s Castle is a one man miracle achievement.  It’s built all by Jim Bishop, by hand, by himself.  It’s kind of a rogue tourist attraction, with lots of very dangerous overlooks and scary walkways. It is wild and beautiful… and scary!  We talked with Jim a few minutes as we were leaving.  He’s quite the showman and a self proclaimed egotist.  I got some video of his ranting about the government, both of Colorado and the Federal Government.  

We stopped at another small town of Westcliffe to check out more real estate.  The realty agent told us a bit about the town and how it was more of a summer resort area, not much happening in the winter.  It had a nice warm feel about it from the types of shops we saw.  Other areas suggested were Salida, Pagosa Springs and Crestone.  We were running late (again) and made it to our friend Robin O’donal’s place at Earth Knack about 9pm.  They were already in bed so we just camped in the parking lot for the night.

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