17 Feb 2006 Friday

This morning we went up to the Cordillera Market to update the website.  This morning Andrew found out that Community Server had an update come out and our site wasn’t working right.  So, we went up to the market for some high speed Wi-Fi and a cup of tea.  We went back to the house for lunch and found out we had no water.  The house has a “Flood-Stopper” alarm system that had been triggered by something.  We checked everywhere for a water leak and everything was dry.  We couldn’t even reset the system.  We called the service and someone would be out in about an hour.  Andrew waited while I went down into Edwards to buy our snowshoes from Ptarmigan Sports.  The repairman arrived shortly after I got back.  He checked everything and couldn’t find a problem.  He did a manual override to reset the system.  He left scratching his head.

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