16 Feb 2006 Thursday

We got 6 or more inches of snow overnight. The weather report is for more snow today, but the sun is shining this morning. I decided to shovel the snow from the driveway. Being a Florida girl, I’ve never shoveled snow before and I thought this would be cool. It was, in fact, COLD! 10 degrees! As I was struggling to clear a few square feet by the garage door, a landscaping truck fitted with a snowplow front came by and had the drive cleared in a few minutes. I shoveled a little more by the door and decided I’d had enough and went inside. A little while later, we heard shoveling out front. It seems landscapers work 12 months around here. The rest of the year they handle plantings and in the winter, they handle snow. The wind is still howling, whipping the snow all around.  We’re watching it from the warmth of the living room.

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