11 Feb 2006 Saturday

About 5 degrees (F) this morning.  We saw a coyote walking on the golf trail outside this morning.  It’s too cold to snowshoe this morning, so we decide to take a day off.  We went into the Chef’s Corner at the Cordillera Market for some high speed Wi-Fi and a cup of tea.  We got a lot accomplished on the website today.  Our connection is slow at the house and with both of us trying to upload and modify online, it was taking a long time.Sad [:(]

We went into Edwards and, on a whim, stopped at the Thrift Store.  We finally found a store in Edwards we can afford!  Andrew was drooling over a wall of ski boots for $25.00 a pair.  I looked into some warmer hats for both of us. Big Smile [:D]  We were there about an hour before closing, so we had to leave, but we’ll be back.  They had some great deals on “pre-loved” winter snow gear, something we don’t have much of!

We’ve been working on this website for so long… I hope we can get it up and running tomorrow.  Andrew got my first video uploaded yesterday and had his mom preview it.  He said she was laughing hysterically on the phone when she saw it.  I take that as a good sign.Party!!! [<:o)]

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