10 Feb 2006 Friday

We got out for an early snowshoe hike on Camino del Norte again.  It was much easier because we packed the trail yesterday and it was quicker because we weren’t shooting any videos.  It looked like snow was coming our way, but we didn’t get any.  It was much colder than it’s been the last several days.

We went into the city of Edwards for some groceries and run some errands.  The grocery store at Edwards was shocking! The selection was limited and the prices were outrageous!  We ended up paying over $8.00 for two cantaloupes (I didn’t realize they were charging by the pound!).  On a better note, we went by Ptarmigan Sports again and I traded my snowshoes for longer ones.  It seems you need longer snowshoes for more “float” on softer snow.  It got really cold, low expected between 0 and -10 degrees (F) tonight.

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