02 Feb 2006 Thursday Ground Hog Day

We stepped outside this morning to get something out of the truck and were surprised to see an ambulance in front of the hotel office with it’s lights on!  We were holing it wasn’t the nice older lady that checked us in last night.  We talked to the guy at the Rest Inn Cafe next door and found out is wasn’t her, it was a hotel guest that was having chest pains with an anxiety attack.  We stopped in at the Rest Inn Cafe for coffee and a biscuit and we were on our way.  We went down a number of back roads and gravel roads to reach Mike and Melissa’s property.  Along the way we had to stop and back up to take a picture of “Big ***’s Halfway Inn” Resort, just for fun. When we got to what we think might be their property, we found it far more developed than we expected.  Lots of the places looked like summer lake houses, but rural, some looked more like a fishing shack.  Some of the places looked pretty trashy.  Some vacant lots had trash dumped directly under a “No Dumping” sign.  We took a few pictures (of nothing) and headed out.  We stopped for lunch at some small town park.  We made it out of Missouri and into Kansas.  We stopped and made dinner off the tailgate at a really nice highway rest stop in Kansas.  We stopped in the town of Hays, KS and stayed the night at the Midway Motel.  We saw signs for a local brewery and had to find it.  We stopped at The Liquid Bread Brewery in Hays, Kansas had a pretty good beer sampler.

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