22 Jan 2006 Sunday

Don checked our traps this morning but they were empty.  One of the things I wanted to do while here was to have some hands on experience skinning and cleaning an animal.  Maybe tomorrow.  We all went up river in the canoes to do some tracking and set traps for otter and beaver.  Colbert is an expert tracker and trapper, reading information from the land that Andrew and I couldn’t see. 

Colbert wanted to do some additional urban foraging by harvesting a telephone pole that was no longer in use.  We piled into the truck towing the empty boat trailer to an area where they are replacing old poles with new ones.  He had asked someone earlier about them and was told that it would save them the cost of removing them.  He brought out his chainsaw and cut the pole at it’s base, then winched it up into the boat trailer and off we went.  When we got back to camp, he dropped it off the trailer into the river to float it up stream to his second cabin for future use.  Andrew and Colbert took the motorboat and drug the newly acquired pole upstream.  Later that afternoon, we went out to set three more traps for raccoon. 

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