21 Jan 2006 Saturday

We went out in the morning to check the trap at the pond, but it was gone.  It looked like someone may have cut the wire holding the trap to a stake.  We looked around to see if we could tell what happened.  If a person came by and cut the wire to the trap, would he take the animal and eat it or would he dispose of it?  Would he take it home or just throw it in the brush?  We guessed that he wouldn’t eat it, he’d probably throw it out.  We looked around to see if we could tell if something had been thrown into the brush.  Another possibility that Colbert considered was that the animal was moving enough to break the wires.  No way to know for sure.  He ran into someone he knew on the road and asked if he had heard anything.  The guy didn’t, but then asked Colbert to please come take care of the raccoons that are eating his grouse on his property!

We went back to camp and we all loaded up for a canoe trip around the sloughs of the river that runs through his land, The Little River.  It was tough paddling for novices like me and Andrew, with lots of portages and adventures.  At one point during our canoe trip, we had to slip between a large tree and a shallow shore.  The side of the canoe hit an ant colony on the side of the tree and knocked a bunch of ants into the canoe on Andrew.  He jumped up and started dancing around like he had ants in his pant!  I thought we were going over like we did on our Okefenokee trip!  We finally got up to Colbert’s other cabin, one that can’t be reached by roads.  We portaged around the fast water at the bend in the river and continued on downstream back to camp.  Don had some dried bear meat that made for a tasty spaghetti dinner.

Alle artikler blir gjennomgått av redaktør med medisinsk bakgrunn. Visitez le web de virkelig lidende kvinner kommer aldri så langt som til øverste hylle over glasstaket.

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