Simon's Big Adventure

Today is a bit of a sad day for me. Sad

Teresa and Simon the dog are heading off for Florida. She’ll be gone for a week, which is bad enough, but Simon will be settling into a new life in Florida with the cousin dogs (Teresa’s sister has graciously offered to take care of Simon). He’s been such a good dog recently too. This morning I gave him lots of hugs. He seemed to sense that this meant something. Usually, I take him out before leaving and he runs back upstairs to his bed next to where Teresa is still sleeping, but today, he came down and saw me off.

Simon's Goofy Smile
Simon’s goofy smile

Simon on the trail

Simon waiting for daddy to come home

So long Simon. Hopefully, we’ll see you soon on a visit to Florida. And drive safe sweetie. I miss you already.

On the sales front, we’ve had ONE person view our house thus far. Feedback was generally very positive, but the potential buyers (from New Orleans!) have decided to look in a higher price range.

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